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1 Big Blend

The Big Blend is the event that transformed the world. Strange meteorites filled with different energies fell from the sky. Those “Crystals” altered the geography, the fauna, flora, and even the climate of the world. It is said that the violet Crystals caused almost every part of the earth to translocate —plate tectonics were shattered to pieces. The other crystals changed the properties of the soil, the fauna, and the plants, as well as the atmosphere. New species were created across the world, a lot of species disappeared too. The death toll among mankind is estimated to have been somewhere between 1,500 million and 3,000 million. Estimates varies widely because researchers don’t agree about the date on which the Big Blend ended. It is commonly said that the BB lasted five years.

The Big Blend caused the biggest recession in human history. It marked the end of the era of nationalism, borders disappeared, cultures blended, and the Solidarity Era started, lasting four centuries, during which humankind tried its best to survive in a new environment full of energies, strange phenomenons, and a completely new geography. A lot of effort was put into preserving the previous technologies, cultures, and habits. The Great Black-out in the 1001 year ABB caused, however, a great loss of those efforts.

The Big Blend is first described in the Farskyer City Saga when the MC listens to the Christmas song “the Great Rebirth of Earth”:

To the Holy Gods, my dear,
we give our sincere love.

That Day when They came to Earth
our world turned upside down.
The Pyramids went to Perth,
and New York went to the South.

Oho! Holy Gods, we are
the children of the New World!

Crystals from the Sky fell down.
All the Crystals of the World
are blessings of our gods.

Oh, Holy Gods, oh Holy Gods…!

“It was a traditional song that talked about the ‘Big Blend’ of the World that happened two thousand years ago. I had to study that in history class: apparently, the Crystals that were scattered over the Earth had fallen from the sky and caused most of the areas to be relocated. Islands were created, cities vanished from a country to pop up in another, superpowers and new species appeared… It was said that Paris Island was once a European city and that Everest, a four thousand meters crater, was once the highest mountain on Earth. Crazy, huh? As for why those Crystals had fallen, the Holy Church said it was a godly punishment for the terrible sins of mankind.”

2 Earth

The total surface area of Earth is about 510 million km², 370 below the sea level (73%), 140 above the sea level (27%).

The perimeter in the Equator is about 40,000 km; the distance between two meridians is 2222 km. The perimeter in the First Meridian is about 40,000 km as well: the earth is in fact rounder than before the BB.

Perimeter (km)



Prime Meridian


Tropic of Capricorn

36,000 (+ 20 km Botoshima)

Tropic of Cancer


North and South Circles


The continent Botoshima is 10 km above the seas. The shore is called the Endless Cliffs.

3 What exists in our world that it doesn’t in Farskyer?

Here are some examples:


It was transformed during the Big Blend and now it can’t be burnt.


Most of the atmosphere in the Farskyer World wouldn’t allow anything to fly at fast speed. In some parts, even birds can’t fly.


Gunpowder still can be made, but it can’t burn, so it can’t deflagrate. Also, few explosives that can detonate exist, and they can’t be use anywhere on the globe. The main source of explosives are the power-holders and some crystal-made items.


Ever since the Big Blend, no group research has managed to launch any rocket, let alone any satellite, into space.

4 What exists in Farskyer that it doesn’t in our world?

A great number of things! Here some examples:

Water trains.

We use the energies of the oceans’ currents to make trains move on the water.

Flesh trees.

Grow in places where the amount of yellow crystal particles is quite high —in the Farskyer peninsula, for example. Most are edible if cooked. There are flesh trees plantations across the world. Farskyer City is a big producer of tree meat.

Mirror trees.

Mirror trees’ wood reflect images with a variable delay, from some seconds to some hours or even days.

Human species.

Besides humans similar to those before the BB, there are more species: merfolks, altered humans (four-armed, giants), dryads, foxfolk, demon humans (due to high crystal concentration).


Lifeforce, deathforce, as well as other energies that fill the earth and the atmosphere were all brought by the Crystals after the Big Blend.

5 Transports

Water trains
Cars (restricted)
Boats (those with orange crystal fuel are the fastest)
Teleportation (restricted)

6 Telecommunications


(oceanic cables, post cables);

Telepathic Messages

through compatible crystals (restricted);


Most are local. However, there are also long-range transmitters, with a range over 200 km.

7 Sources of energy

Crystal fuel
Hydroelectric (rivers, ocean streams)
Teleportation energy (violet crystal)
Lifeforce energy (restricted)

8 BB calendar

The Big Blend calendar or BB calendar marks the year 0 ABB (After the Big Blend) as the beginning of a new era. This calendar is used in most of the world.

For the hours measurement around the globe, see this article.

9 Age

In Farskyer and other places around the world, people usually don’t celebrate birthdays; instead, they add one year onto their age on New Year’s Day. The Zero Year exists as well. As such, a baby born in July 2021 ABB will be 0 year old on its first New Year’s Day, then 1 year old on the next.

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